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Brake / Gas Pedal Assembly + Master Cylinder

Brake / Gas Pedal Assembly + Master Cylinder

$ 210.00

Full Brake and Gas Pedal assembly that includes:

  • Brake/gas pedal assembly with all hardware and throttle return spring
  • Brake master cylinder
  • Two-piston brake caliper
  • Master/Caliper & Caliper bracket
  • Two (2) Brake hoses with fittings, brackets, retaining clips & copper washers

Available in raw steel or powder coated in either black of silver at prices as shown. Shipping included in pricing.

Notes:  The brake master/caliper come as a set with short connecting hose and pre-filled with fluid. We remove the short hose provided and make our own for our specific kart. Essentially we have a 10” brake hose with a banjo fitting on one end for the master and a threaded fitting on the other that attaches to a 60” hard line running to the back of the car and then a 20” hose with fittings to the caliper. We suggest mocking up your system to see what will fit your particular kart.