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About Us

At Vintage Kart Company we're creating one work of automobile art at a time.  Our Vintage Mini Racers honor cyclecars of the past and are superbly engineered, compact 200cc driving machines on technologically advanced Vintage Mini Racer chassis.  Our Vintage Mini Racers are precision fabricated, hand-assembled and meticulously finished in our fabrication facility in Mesa, Arizona.

Vintage Mini Racer automobiles are for adult-only operation at suggested, safe speeds of 25 miles per hour or less and can be customized with luxe accoutrements including leather interiors, hood straps, wooden steering wheels and other accessories to authenticate your perfect ride that pays homage to early 20th Century racers.

Our Italiano and MonoCar models have been thoughtfully designed by our incumbent brotherhood of engineers, designers, auto lovers and vintage aficionados for the pursuit of classic motor sporting exhilaration that puts a ‘genuine smile on your face’. Every Vintage Mini Racer is numbered and signed by its creators, who take pride in a pursuit of perfection that honors bygone eras. From this ideology, our 'Made-In-The-USA' Vintage Mini Racer brand, our have your own 'Corporate Derby' program and our annual 1920s-era vintage race , the Grand Prix of Scottsdale, were born.

Vintage Kart Company & Vintage Mini Racers.  American-Made Originals.