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Our Team

Our Vintage Kart Company founders are a mixture of mechanics, engineers, designers, businessmen and pure vintage lovers -- all with a child-like enthusiasm for Vintage Mini Racers.  Our brotherhood is bonded by high ethical standards, a commitment to safety and a demand for American-made, quality craftsmanship that means every Vintage Mini Racer is a work of art. 


Andrew Bracanovich

Andrew Bracanovich has an extensive background in sales and marketing. After graduating from Arizona State University, Bracanovich worked for a corporate sales trainer who specialized in optimum performance, an experience he used to establish a 17-year career in the swimming pool industry and the entrepreneurial venture that is now In-Ground Trampolines.  Bracanovich's In-Ground Trampolines is a one-of-a-kind, in-ground trampoline system specifically designed and built to be installed in the ground. Raised in the Dalmation region of modern day Croatia, Bracanovich is a first-generation American.  For a few weeks each summer, he can be found boating up and down the Dalmatian coast but prefers terra firma for racing around in Vintage Mini Racers.


Sean Gillespie

Gillespie’s background is in commercial real estate and development starting at Grubb & Ellis and L.J. Hooker International in Phoenix before joining Nathan & Associates in 1986. At Nathan & Associates, Gillespie specializes in working with retail and industrial users for sales and leasing of pads, land, lots and multi-family.  Gillespie earned his BS/BAM and MBA from the University of Phoenix in 1991. He is a former director and current member of the Scottsdale League for the Arts, a charity organization. Gillespie also serves as a member of the Construction Materials Recyclers Association, the El Paso Homebuilders Association, the Arizona Homebuilders Associations and the El Paso Chamber of Commerce.  He is President of El Paso C&D Recycling, a construction and demolition waste recycling company, based in El Paso, Texas.


Gary Tarr

Gary Tarr is President of Free Range Productions, an award-winning graphic design firm based in Phoenix. For the past 20 years, Tarr has helped build brands from the ground up in many product categories, serving as both accounts and creative lead. He has piloted many advertising and design projects for several notable area clients, including Oregano's Pizza Bistro, Penn Tennis Balls, Head Racquet Sports, OnTrac, Barnet Dulaney Perkins, Dinan & Co. and Hi-Health. Gary's love of race cars dates back to getting his first AFX Racing set as a child and, with Vintage Kart Company and Vintage Mini Racers, the love affair continues.


Jack Gee

Gee, who serves as Vice President of In-Ground Trampolines Inc., realized his passion for the automobile and all things motorized early in life. Gee drove his first gas powered kart at the age of 5. Always one to tinker, he continued his self taught love for mechanics into his college years when he took a job at the Classic Carriage House in Phoenix, Arizona in 1986, which was the restoration shop of the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company.  For the next several years, Gee honed his restoration skills as he was trained by some of the best craftsmen in the classic car and automotive restoration businesses. After a brief period at another restoration shop, Gee opened his own shop, Cactus Jacks, in Mesa, Arizona, where he performed every aspect of restoration and custom hot rodding, from paint and body to all things mechanical. Gee’s love for cars took another direction when he opened CCI, a mobile upholstery company that thrived for more than a decade before a successfully selling in 2008. Even with his current employment at IGT, Gee is deeply involved with the classic car industry, currently creating automotive art from his home shop. Gee has also served as a representative and volunteer with the Russo and Steele Collector Car Auction for more than ten years. Vintage Kart Company and The Grand Prix of Scottsdale represent another significant chapter in Gee’s life-long book of passion for the automobile.


Ron Kotloff

Kotloff is a principal of Vintage Kart Company and oversees all design, development and manufacturing of Vintage Mini Racers.  He is also Founder and CEO of Mesa, Arizona-based Advanced Energy Ideas (AEI), a conglomerate of exceptional companies that include AEI Lighting and AEI Fabrication. Kotloff’s renowned design acumen, custom aesthetic and willingness to cater to specialized needs of clientele have kept AEI at the forefront of the hybrid industrial lighting and energy-saving solutions category for almost two decades.

Kotloff’s career arc in his field is a compelling mixture of imagination, innovation, talent, fortitude and an innate ability to listen, compose and deliver precisely what is desired. Today, due to AEI's effective amalgam of cutting-edge lighting products, personalized fabrication offerings and astute customer service AEI has experienced year-over-year accelerated growth in working toward its 20th anniversary this year. Kotloff looks to Vintage Kart Company as a chance to create true automotive artwork that endures while establishing a genuine American brand that makes everyone smile.


Bret Rowe

Rowe manages business development and enterprise strategies for Vintage Kart Company.  He is founder of MarketShare, which specializes in strategies, branding and relational capital within a variety of industry categories including film, sports, toys, fashion, publishing, real estate, manufacturing and defense. After graduating Arizona State University with a B.S. Finance, Rowe established his love of early stage business development as part of the team at Hard Drives International, a Tempe-based firm founded by friend Eric Crown, that defined ‘tech-cool’ in the early era of PCs and eventually became Fortune 500 Insight Enterprises (NASDAQ : NSIT).

Rowe’s 25-year career with MarketShare has enabled him to advise or engage in enterprises as diverse as developing #1 box-office movies, launching jewelry brands on home shopping networks, working in conjunction with Major League Baseball and the Michael Jackson Estate on oversized, luxury legacy books and, establishing a fine art career in post-pop that has led to collectors such as Jack Nicholson and Kid Rock. Rowe sees Vintage Kart Company as an opportunity to merge classic automotive heritage with his love of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Jazz Age.