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MonoCar Custom - Hand Polished Aluminum (Used)

MonoCar Custom - Hand Polished Aluminum (Used)

$ 14,975.00

Our unique MonoCar body style in museum-quality, hand-polished riveted aluminum with your favorite number or branding applied.

  • Reliable 'Best-In-Class' 200cc Honda 6.5 HP engine, 1.5 gal tank
  • Belt-driven centrifugal automatic clutch delivers optimal power output
  • Rack & pinion steering
  • Hydraulic rear disc brake fabricated and QC'd at our facility
  • 17-inch, 36 spoke wheels
  • Michelin Gazelle tires
  • Fully suspended beam front axle  
  • Removable steering wheel for easy access
  • Removable side mirrors
  • Add custom items: wooden floorboard, wooden steering wheel and leather/stitched interior. Custom items are additional to base price listed. List your custom items in order notes.